We are

big on nuts

We source quality macadamia nuts from Kenyan farms and using technology, we process and manufacture by-products ready for export.

“Farming is not our job, its our way of life”

What we do

Macadamia by day , Macadamia by night

We are the current market leaders in Macadamia
by products in Kenya (With over 50%) of market
share mainly off taking from processors grade B/
Reject Macadamia & Macadamia shells.

Macadamia Kernel/Oil

Macadamia By-Products

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About Us

The Big Thunder is an East African’s 4 year old company, now the largest dealer in Kenya of Grade B Macadamia Kernel which is further processed into Macadamia Oil & used as a cosmetic ingredient around the world

We are additionally a trusted sourcing partner for Kenyan edible oil processors/brewers e.t.c seeking to switch to renewable energy/biomass[carbon-neutral] sources(macadamia shells & briquettes)

In 2020 we jointly, with 2 local companies, won a world bank/GOK 3 year(ending 2023) supply contract of 1million Macadamia & Avocado seedlings to be distributed to small scale farmers.

Our Story



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