Our Mission


It takes about 3-5 years for a macadamia tree to start bearing fruits. This is a very great lesson in patience, endurance and resilience. Our undersize nuts are sourced from farmers who are diligently commited to ensuring that farming practises are not detrimental to the soil and they produce high quality products.

With our newly installed capacity, located at the magnificent foothills of Kilimambogo, we are consious of fair trade practices (although not yet certified) to ensure that these farmers earn additional income from otherwise to be thrown away undersize nuts. We believe that by empowering them with the resources needed to help them thrive, their success will impact the community and society around them. 

We addtionally impact our neighbouring community by employing 7 permanet staff and a compliment of around 64 casual labourers. This helps them in taking care of their families as well as sustaining their livelihood.

Our Tagline Mission is
To reduce Waste in
the Macadamia Supply Chain
in Kenya


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