How We’re Changing Lives with Ethical Macadamia Farming in Kenya

Meet Patrick, a macadamia farmer from Meru County, Kenya. Patrick used to struggle to make ends meet from his small plot of land. He had no access to markets, training, or credit. He was at the mercy of middlemen who paid him low prices for his nuts.

But that changed when he joined forces with The Big Thundernuts.

We work with small farmers in Kenya who grow quality macadamia nuts.

Now, Patrick earns a fair and stable income from his harvest. He also receives regular training on how to grow more nuts with less water and chemicals. He has improved his soil health, crop yield, and resilience to climate change.

Patrick is not alone. He is one of over 10,000 farmers who work with The Big Thundernuts across Kenya. We and the small farmers in Kenya grow over 5,000 tonnes of macadamia nuts every year. Kenya is one of the top three countries that grow macadamia nuts in the world!

But The Big Thundernuts is more than a business. It’s a movement for social change. It gives back to the community and helps with things like health, education, women’s rights, and nature. We also run our factory on clean energy from nut shells – turning waste into wealth!

We are not lob-sided either and we also support women. At least 80% of our workforce is women and the remaining 20% is men. And that is not the only success story that pertains to women.

Meet Jane Wahu, an SME who runs a small catering business outside our factory. Before us opening up operations Jane used to struggle to get customers. Her small hotel is not close to the road and she’s surrounded by residential premises.

When we commenced operations she already had a ready market. Our entire workforce eats at her premise. Her business has grown and she has even started keeping pigs to supplement her income. She can now be able to feed her family and support her children’s education through her business.

We want to help rural families in Kenya make more money by growing macadamia nuts in the best way. When you choose our nuts, you choose to be part of our vision too.

So go ahead and enjoy our delicious and nutritious nuts. By doing so know that you’re also making a difference in the world.

We are The Big Thundernuts, and we and our farmers grow more than just nuts. We’re growing lasting social change through ethical farming and business.

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